Tatort ratings analysis

(Work in progress) Tatort is a German crime show that’s been on TV for 50 (!) years. It has a somewhat cultish following and many people, including me, grew up watching it every Sunday at 8.15pm. I’m working on compiling data on all episodes’ IMDB ratings, viewership numbers etc. to gain insights in what makes certain episodes better or at least more popular than others.

Ultrasignup waitlist notifications

Ultrasignup is a website for registering for ultrarunning events (anything longer than 42.195 km). I wrote a small script that checks one’s position on an Ultrasignup waitlist. It emails an update if there has been a change. I initially wrote it for myself when I was on the waitlist for Twisted Branch 100k in 2019.


Programming languages: R, Python, Bash

OS: Linux, Windows, Mac

Data management: SQL

Typesetting: LaTeX, Markdown

Other technical software: Stata, SPSS

Tools: git, Gitkraken, SLURM